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Tower Insurance - My Tower

Market opportunity

My Tower is a self service management portal for customers to be able to flexibly view and manage their policies. This would give more transparency and power into the hands of the customer. From a business point of view, this was a great opportunity, and there weren't many insurance companies in the market that offered a fully capable management portal.


The goal and success criteria was to move more volume of support into the digital channel as opposed to the phone or other channels, as well as enable a simple and easy experience for the customer. This result was to be developed across several phases and iterations in order to allow for an iterative process where we could release the minimum viable experience, get feedback, and use that to further develop the rest of the capabilities.

About the project

Creating a valuable and usable self service portal was a large scale project. This required me to be involved in, or lead the following areas:

Overall user experience
Developing features based on customer insight and with a customer-focused lens. These features were spread across sections such as portal design, managing changes, and billing.
Customer testing
New features and current product iterations were tested with customers. Customers' needs and wants when it came to insurance and self management portals were also a focus, which was used to further inform feature designs.
Collaborative product design
As the systems were complex, there was a need to work closely with the developers, business analysts, and product owners to ensure a customer-focused experience while still bearing technical constraints and business needs in mind.
My Tower dashboard
Policy details page
Billing page
Change excess page

Sketches and wireframes

These were a good way to communicate initial ideas to developers and other members of the business. A lot of these were used and brought into planning and refinement, along with technical feasibility and ideation sessions.

Making changes sketch
Promoting My Tower on confirmation
Login page enhancement
Billing wireframe

Workshopping and reporting

Workshopping was a great way to get ideas and collaborate throughout the business. This allowed us to gather insights from other areas of the business such as operations, front-line staff, and product.

By taking the product of the sessions and synthesizing them, we were able to find themes and form actionable insights from them.

Persona mapping
Pains/needs of customers
Managing changes
Managing changes
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