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MatchMove Pay App

Market opportunity

As a product, the MatchMove Pay app targeted the market opportunity of an online payment system that allowed users to credit their own credit card online to purchase online. It would target users that were as of yet unable to sign up for a credit card due to ineligibility issues with banks.


The goal was for the app to allow users to use its various functions easily and seamlessly. This included topping up their credit card, transferring money, as well as purchasing online. The challenge lay in the number of functions and steps that a user had to take to complete those tasks. We looked at making the flows as easy as possible, and to delight with an worry-free and fast experience.

Journey mapping

Signup flow
Claiming transfer funds flow


In order to find the best design presentation for the number of functions that app had in it, several iterations of the design were explored. The challenge was understanding the customer use cases and what the main functions or easily accessible items on the app should be.

Fund transfer UI
Card gallery UI


Splash, onboarding, and dashboard
Topup, notifications, and feedback
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