my name is bliss lokiev ng.

i'm a design strategist, working in areas of graphic and interactive design. i am currently located in auckland, new zealand.

welcome to my portfolio.

  • interactive & graphic designer from singapore, now based in auckland, new zealand.
  • majored in interactive media from nanyang technological university. currently pursuing a master of design in auckland university of technology.
  • very easily bribed with chocolates or plushed animals. has dubbed herself a one-time alpaca walker, and watches too much tv.


  • programs: photoshop, illustrator, indesign, basic after effects, and sketch..
  • front-end web development: css3, html5 and basic jQuery.
  • buying: too many games and hoarding them on steam.


  • ui/ux design (web, mobile apps, games, wireframes, process flows, etc.)
  • graphic design (editorial, advertising, photomanipulation, etc.)
  • front-end web development (responsive)
  • videos (simple ui and animation videos)

if you would like to view a copy of my resume, you can download it here.


examples of some of my graphic design (posters, magazine covers, packaging, etc.) works. they are generally done using photoshop and/or illustrator. i work mainly using either photo-manipulation, typography, or vector illustration.


samples of my ix/ux work includes those for websites, mobile applications, e-direct mailers, etc. some of them have been front-end developed by me (CSS/HTML), while others were done for companies. i am also able to use basic after effects to simulate ui interactions and create videos.


illustrations using vectors and vexels. i sketch out the composition for most of these of paper first, followed by doing the lineart in illustrator. the pieces are generally colored in photoshop. my illustrations range from original works to works based on existing material (movies, shows, etc.)


If you'd like to work with me, ask me questions, or just say hello, you can contact me using the form, or any of the other methods listed below.

*Email Address
Telephone No.

Mobile: +65 97902253 (Singapore) / +64 021 211 5396 (New Zealand)

Title: Horror at Sea

Tool: Photoshop

Horror at Sea was a photomanipulation done to explore creating an entirely new image using only one stock image as its main base.

The dragon itself was composed of one stock image - a wax dragon skull. I selected from and reformed the image using mainly cloning and blending. The creature was then enhanced by using eyes from a stock image of a cat. I then added and blended it into the background, added the ship for size emphasis. In order to make the photomanipulation more realistic, shadows were painted in.

I wanted it to seem more foreboding and grim, and so color corrected and adjusted the lighting to give it a more monochrome look with higher contrast.

The challenge is this was to conceptualize and reconstruct the image into something different, to see the different parts of an image to be something else. Another point was also to figure out how the water would interact with the creature.

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Title: Design is As Much Art and Science

Tool: Photoshop

Design is As Much Art and Science was a poster done for a school project.

We were given the instruction to come up with a quote regarding design, and then to create a poster that would reflect that quote. My chosen quote was "design is as much art as science" and I chose to represent art as a burst of color with life, and the science as an android, both reaching for each other to form a union.

With the concept chosen, the interesting part was manipulating the stock picture of a lady into an android. I had to color adjust and smoothen the skin on her body, and give it a sheen. Then I had to draw on various parts of her to illustrate and include cybernetic parts.

This piece was displayed during the end of semester show.

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Title: Soul Rhythm

Tool: Photoshop

Soul Rhythm was a collection of two pieces done for requests through Designn, a design organization that I am a part of.

The request was a minimalistic look, and I was given the text and its byline, with a free reign to interpret it. I decided to give them two options; one with a more bold and loud look, the other more sophisticated and cool.

This led to the different main color choices that I took, a strong yellow versus a cool gray. I linked the main tag of "soul rhythm" to that of a heartbeat, of the core of what gives us our life, and decided to use the image of a heartbeat line through both images to bring across that idea.

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Title: Triangle Prepaid Card Packaging

Tool: Illustrator

Triangle Prepaid Card Packaging was a mockup packaging done to house prepaid cards for sale.

The idea was to have the packaging be a simple cardboard pack that houses a prepaid card inside. There would be information on the card that needed to be hidden, which was why I decided on a pack instead of simply displaying the card as part of the packaging.

The target audience was for the young, and therefore aimed at being bold, fresh and fun. Horizontal and vertical versions of the packaging were considered, but vertical was ultimately chosen for ease of holding and viewing.

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Title: a new hevn - Typography

Tool: InDesign

a new hevn - Typography was a school project, collected into a perfect bound book.

The instruction was to take existing text from any source material, and using one font face, utilize typography to emote and present it.

The text I chose was a new hevn, a collaborative poem on hitRECord. I chose a bold, sans-serif font for this project as a base, aiming for more versatility for font manipulation.

Using the words as inspiration, I expressed the poem using a combination of typography and layout. Having the book in a landscape manner allowed me to enhance some of the sentences, especially with words such as "collapse" and "fall", giving the feeling of the words dropping down to the bottom page.

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Title: Guerilla Coffee Packaging Label

Tool: Illustrator

Guerilla Coffee Packaging Label was a freelance project done for Guerilla Coffee.

With a logo and color branding provided, I recieved the brief to make a label that would go on the front of the packaging, where the packaging had already been determined to be white in color. It was requested that the design be clean and minimal.

Three iterations were provided, and I suggested color differentiation for the different types of labels to make them stand out more on first impression. The challenge was in the hierachy of the information; to ensure that the correct information stood out at first look. The solution involved discussing and working with the client on several versions.

The eventual choice was the label in the middle.

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Title: 2016 Personal Branding

Tool: Photoshop & Illustrator

This was done for a personal branding project.

I wanted to make the whole look clean and minimalistic, and kept to two colors - black and white. I also liked the idea of using contrasting lines (bold versus thin) against each other, and the idea of black on black, and decided to use those.

The logo was derived from the Norse Jorumungandr, and the Ouroboros. It represents a constant renewal, a constant cycle that surrounds and envelopes the world, much like how I see design to be.

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Title: 2016 Personal Portfolio

Tool: Sketch & Photoshop

This was a personal project, to create a hard copy version of my portfolio.

With this, I decided on a smaller, handier book size. When handling books, I have favored the A5 size, which I felt could adequately show off images but still fit in the hand nicely, making it easier to bring around. This was an aim as I wanted to be able to present it to anyone and have them keep it without fuss.

Stylistically, I went with the look of my other collaterals and assets; a clean, black and white color scheme with different line weights. This would help keep the focus on the contents of the portfolio as well. I used Kraft paper as the cover paper to help lend it weight and better distinguish it.

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Title: Gift Card Online Store Mockup

Tool: Illustrator
Target platform: iOS

This was a mockup of a mobile application design for a generic merchant application, which allows payments through the phone.

The concept of the application is simple - to allow people to be able to pay through two methods, and to be able to view a detailed receipt of the purchase before confirming.

I wanted to keep things clean and clear so that the user would be able to find the information that they needed quickly. The two sections (passcode and NFC) are color coded so that users will be able to clearly differentiate the page they're on through color cues. Important information would be displayed first, with the option to view more details if the user would like to. Users will also be able to save their receipts if they so choose. Users would also always be able to backtrack at any step should they wish to, or wish to review their choices again for ease of use.

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Title: Beebox Mobile Application

Tool: Photoshop & Illustrator
Target platform: iOS & Android

This was a mockup done for a released application from BeeBox. I was asked to do various pages, including the About, FAQ and other information pages.

In working on this interface, the brief was for it to be modern, fun and engaging for users visually, and for them to use. To fit this, I used more vibrant colors while keeping their main color, yellow in play, and also using more dynamic layouts in order to interest the user.

In using larger images throughout the interface, the idea was to make it more relatable and understandable on first glance to catch the user's attention and encourage them to read on.

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Title: IMBA Gamer Card Website

Tool: Photoshop & Illustrator
Target platform: Web browser
Link: Live Website

This was a mockup done for a released webpage from MatchMove Pay Pte Ltd. The design was done by me, and the coding was handed off to the developers.

For this website, the purpose was to provide information to users coming to view the product. The brief for this was that it had to be easily responsive/mobile friendly, and its look had to be clean but attention-grabbing.

All of the information was included in one page (using tabs), so that the user would be able to get all the information they needed without having to navigate to many different pages. This would keep the page more concise and clean.

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Title: Coming Soon - Triangle Website

Tool: Photoshop & Illustrator
Target platform: Web browser

This was a mockup done for a mobile product 'coming soon' page.

This one paged website was meant to be a quick insight and overview to a product coming soon, to get users interested in it and to register their interest. As such, the page needed to be eyecatching, and provide just enough information to get people interested, but not overwhelmed.

The page needed to be done in a short time frame, so the idea was for it to be done in a manner that could be easily developed to be responsive and mobile friendly.

I decided to have bright colors and large images help with conveying the message, and played with the layout using different sections of background colors to give a more layered touch to the look. This would help to break from the strict confines of the blocks.

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Title: Splash Interview Test Mockups

Tool: Sketch & Photoshop
Target platform: Web browser

These were mockups of templates done for Splash as part of their interview process.

I was provided with a copy (which I have replaced here using dummy text), and I was to come up with two high-fidelity website mockups which could represent an event that revolved around e-mail.

The template had to be generic enough for use by anyone, but still represent the event. Customizable areas such as images, colors, and even modular blocks were part of the company's features, and I had to incorporate those in the design.

For this particular task, I looked at presenting two types of visuals that were different, in order to showcase different styles (one with a more photographic look, the other with a flat design), as well as color schemes.

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Title: Cambridge Medical E-Direct Mailer

Tools: Illustrator & Sublime Text
Target platform: Web browser/Email client

A freelance project commissioned by The Web Consultants for Cambridge Medical. The brief was to create two email designs: a Happy Birthday one for their clients, as well as another email to encourage their clients to leave them a review.

I was given the brief, copy, and the Cambridge Medical’s websites; their main look was sophisticated with a mostly black and white theme.

The client wanted an animation of a gift box opening for the Happy Birthday design, and I sourced a stock video and converted that into a GIF animation. A consideration was the number of frames the GIF had, as it couldn’t result in a file size that was too large. Based on the copy, I conceptualized and used images from their websites to enhance the design.

The first two designs from the left were the eventual choices.

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Title: The King and His Sorceror - Merlin

Tools: Photoshop & Illustrator

This illustration was done as a tribute to the BBC show, Merlin. This was done after the show's finale.

I wanted to do a piece that would convey the idea of the two as one part to a whole, while incorporating elements that were important to the show, such as the sword Excalibur, as well as Camelot.

I deliberated over the composition quite a bit, as well as how to best show Arthur (the bottom character). My initial composition had Arthur in an entirely different pose, but in the end, I also decided to use both the character's headshots to illustrate the idea of them both being "two sides to a coin", where coins generally use headshots to depict figures in them.

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Title: Ravenstag - Hannibal

Tools: Photoshop & Illustrator

Ravenstag was inspired by the NBC show, Hannibal.

With the stag and the raven being motifs in the show used to represent Hannibal, I wanted to have a concept whereby it showed that Hannibal was manipulating Will Graham (the character being depicted as the puppet), but with the possible promise that Will was going to break free (with the scissors to cut his strings).

I knew I wanted the color palette to be dark in tone, and I played around with quite a few variations before I settled on this one.

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Title: The Lost Desert - Neopets

Tools: Photoshop

Done for a Random Contest on Neopets, the brief was to create a vintage looking poster for one of the fictional worlds created by the site.

After visiting all the maps (and having visited Egypt myself), I picked The Lost Desert to work with. Incorporating the silhouette of King Coltzan (their ruler) into it, I wanted to have it looking like he was overseeing his kingdom. I chose brighter and warmer tones to convey across the heat of the desert.

The poster earned a placing in the contest.

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Title: Frankie

Tools: Photoshop

Frankie was a personal character creation project.

I wanted to create a character that was creepy looking, but still rather adorable at the same time. I decided to give him large eyes, and a blue-gray skin tone to achieve that effect. I also wanted him to have a slightly frightening hobby that he saw no obvious problems with; it was just simply something that he liked.

Created this into a little character poster.

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Title: Mommacat

Tools: Photoshop

Mommacat was a personal project borne out of my love for cats.

Having seen an actual bunch of cats in real life, I wanted to do a bunch of cats with different emotive faces, all huddled together in a basket.

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Title: Various Buttons

Tools: Illustrator & Photoshop

I wanted to create a number of customized items, and owing to ease of production, buttons were my eventual choice. I made them in a handy size at 1.75 inches, where I could present the artwork clearly and where it would not be too large and obtrusive.

I chose different pieces of artworks that would scale nicely to buttons, and played with the crop and layout to best have it suit the smaller size and shape. I had to make sure that the details would be included and not lost when scaled down.

These buttons showcased different types of illustrations, with original artwork and fanart based on The Little Prince, Marvel's Iron Man and Captain America, Teen Wolf, and Child of Light.

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Title: Braver - Marvel

Tools: Photoshop

Braver is another piece in the set of Marvel art that I've done, featuring Captain America.

I saw this quote of his, and it really spoke to me, and so I decided to do one of it. I wanted to do a pose that was quintessentially Captain America, and I thought that him throwing his shield would do that well. I wanted the symbol of Captain America, the shield, to be up and forefront and be of a perspective.

This followed the silhouette style that I had most of the Marvel single character pieces in.

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Title: Sentiment - Marvel

Tools: Photoshop

Sentiment is a Marvel piece featuring Thor and Loki.

I've always been rather interested by the helmets of Thor and Loki in the Marvel universe. Thor's silver helmet with its wings has a sort of strength and nobility to it, whereas Loki's gold helmet, with it's sharp horns curving to the back of the head, tells of a sort of harshness. This is why I decided to depict them using their helmets instead.

To bring out the colors in their helmets, I set it against a darker background, with their representive elements against each other (Thor's lightning and Loki's ice), and the quote in the center.

Dual character pieces were done with more detail, and stepped away from the silhoutte style of the single pieces.

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