I'm Bliss Lokiev Ng.

I design stuff and rapidly inhale chocolates.

Alright, real quick, here's what I do -

I aim to collaborate with businesses to champion the customer, promote design thinking, and give people great, valuable and meaningful experiences. My main focus is user experience design, with a smattering of visual design projects. I also use a whole bunch of post-its while I’m at it.

User experience, customer experience, and interaction design

Ideation and solution validation • Design workshop facilitation • Data driven design • E2E user journey mapping • Concepts, wireframes and prototypes • Qualitative/quantitative customer testing • Detailed design

More about my design process

Visual design

Print design (posters, adverts, editorial, etc.) • visual communication • user interface design •

If you want to know more -

Other the fact that I've got a cat that I always show people pictures of, that is.

What keeps you going?

  • Working together with amazing people and doing amazing things
  • Chocolates. Especially Belgian chocolates, mmm…
  • Video games, board games, hopscotch, just maybe not FPS.. :(
  • I watch a lot of television drama and get emotionally attached…

There must be more!

  • Originally from hot and sunny Singapore
  • Master of Design with Distinction from Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)
  • I need to sing the alphabet to know what letters come next!
  • Did I mention I have a cat?


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